Experiencing products through conversation

Amir Shevat, VP of Product at Slack.com presented a great perspective at Lean Startup Conference 2015. The talk was titled “Irrational Products – How to avoid bad product calls”, where Amir talks about experiencing products through a conversation. These conversations can be used by Product Managers to validate their products. His example starts off by taking someone from the crowd and asking him to come on stage. Then Amir, pretending to be the product, and the volunteer being the user, proceeds to ask questions to the user about giving up his username and password to start using the product. Amir explains how the conversation gets awkward, especially since the user didn’t get any perceived value from the product yet. But this irrational behaviour is often the conversation users have with a lot of products (at Google they call this the “wall of login”). Amir recommends having these conversations, aka “talk the app”, to make rational product calls. To see the full presentation as well as a few more recommendations from Amir on making the right product calls check out the recorded video session.