Scrum Master Training course offered in Calgary


The Certified Scrum Master course doesn’t get offered very often in Calgary but as agile software development becomes more mainstream I am starting to see the course offered more and more. IMHO Scrum is quickly becoming the de facto standard for managing successful software projects today. Check out this course at or  It’s a good introduction to agile project management using Scrum. Scrum is not technical at all since it concentrates on the management side of software projects. But when performed in conjunction with the technical software engineering practices of Extreme Programming, you’ll find they compliment each other very well.

I remember taking the course in the summer of 2005 with Kert Peterson and back then I think there were only around 3000 or so Certified Scrum Masters in the world. I think there’s at least 25,000 registered members now, here is the list of Scrum Masters (mind you not everyone here is practicing it though) You can also get trained in the Practitioner, Coach, or Trainer certifications as well.

This course is entry level (2 days only) so don’t expect to come out an expert. However, it does give you a good basis to start becoming an agile project manager. I would suggest this course not only to project managers, but project leaders, developers, product owners (although there’s a separate course just for PO’s now), and probably anyone in the software management domain who wants to know more about how to run an agile project.

You might be interested in this list of companies that claim to be practicing Scrum for project managing software projects. I say “claim to be” because it could be only a small team in the company that is practicing it, nevertheless some of these companies are very large so it shows how Scrum also scales to large organizations: