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I am passionate about current and emergent approaches that aim to advance the software development industry, particularly through lean and agile software methodologies and organizational change. I lead a local Calgary technology group called the Calgary Agile Methods User Group (CAMUG) which meets monthly and is the focal point for the use of agile methods in the progressive software development community.


What I do

I am the Software Development Manager at eCompliance, a growing and innovative startup in the Health and Safety technology space. When I am not doing ‘whatever it takes to get the job done’ (as typical in many startups), I enjoy sharing the teachings behind how to build a culture that iteratively delivers high quality, usable software that exceeds customer expectations in a continuously improving process.


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I hope you enjoy some of my postings. Let me know a bit about yourself and what problems you’d like to solve? I’d love to discuss them with you! View my LinkedIn profile, follow me on Twitter or use the form below to contact me.


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